Life, Law & Crossing Borders: podcast

Our names are Cynthia and Guneet and we are currently final year law students at the University of Sussex. We are both Canadian students; one from Vancouver and the other from Toronto respectively.​ 

Towards the end of our first year in Brighton, we found ourselves quite overwhelmed by the influx of information and the lack of resources for other students in a similar position as us. We tried looking for podcasts or blogs which would help us navigate a different legal system, getting familiar with the concept of commercial awareness, and just trying to get by as international students studying law. Therefore, in our free time, we decided to start a podcast to cover those aspects and share the knowledge we have gained so far which led us to name it ‘Life, Law and Crossing Borders.’ We are by no means experts and solely trying to pass on information in order to facilitate an open discussion. We hope by listening to this podcast the listeners get a feel of who we are and a better understanding of what a law student’s world looks like. 

Life, Law and Crossing Borders | Podcast on Spotify


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