Inspirational stories: Sussex law student Inder Kaur on starting a business in challenging times

I started Indulged By Her in August 2020 and it has been such an amazing experience already. I broke even with my investment within the first 3 weeks of when I started, and I was happy with that.

what inspired you to start the business

My dad has always been an inspiration to me, and I have always aspired to have an entrepreneurial spirit just like him. But it was Covid-19 that turned this aspiration into an action. I was tired of doing nothing and having all doors of gaining experience shut in front of me. So, I decided to create my own door and gain experience from it.

I have always felt passionate about food and wanted to find a way to showcase it. Charcuterie is meant to be shared with people at occasions and one day I was craving it for myself, and that’s when it occurred to me that I should offer charcuterie boxes especially in times like these where people cannot have social gatherings, but they can still enjoy them in a socially distanced manner.

the challenges you have overcome

Time management has been a challenge that I have learnt a lot from. After the fall semester started, it was quite a struggle to juggle the final year course load, negotiation competition, volunteer with CLOCK, part time job at a retail store, and manage Indulged. But I can successfully manage time by prioritising tasks on a weekly basis. This has enabled me to give my 100% to each one of those. That being said, I am at my max. level capacity. I cannot take on anything more at this time.

What Indulging By Her looks like?
Creator of Indulged By Her
The Brand!

Another continuing challenge is to face the social media pressure. The pressure of competitive business accounts getting more followers, likes and more orders has been a constant threat and I am always questioning myself if I am doing enough. I often get conscious of the amount of likes and follows I get. Whenever, I go through that dark tunnel in my mind I always remind myself of my own journey and to trust myself and be proud of how far I have come along at my age.

the rewards (financial and otherwise)

Indulged has given me a lot in the last couple months and more than I could ever ask for. Indulged is my brand and will be one day my legacy. I have this new self-confidence in myself that has motivated me to have bigger goals.

I have met so many new people and Indulged is a great way to network with businesses and customers. This can help me in a variety of ways when I become a lawyer. I have learnt invaluable skills to interact with customers and learn to run a business solely through Instagram. This is just the beginning and I am very excited for the future.

Please feel free to checkout my Instagram page 


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